The Importance Of Summer Jobs

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When I tell people that I really don't like summer that much, I usually get stared at like I have a second head. When they ask me why, I usually tell them my two basic reasons: 1) I constantly feel like I'm about to melt, and 2) There's too much pressure to have fun and/or be productive. It can be hard to enjoy what you do in the summer if you feel like you're not living up to the unspoken summer expectations. But, even if you're like me and prefer the colder seasons, summer is a time where you have more freedom to do what you want, and that is invaluable. We should be appreciating and making the most of out this time! So here is how to do just that. 1. Get a Job For students, summer is the perfect opportunity to get a job. For a lot of people, having a job during the school year may be too much to handle, as you also have to focus on your academics. Summer provides a break from you classes so you can get your foot in the workplace.…show more content…
First, it provides experience that you can put on your resume. I've been fortunate the past few years to have summer jobs that are actually in my field, and it has definitely given me an edge for when I need to get a full time job. Second, they pay! It doesn't matter if it's minimum wage, it's money that you wouldn't have elsewise. Whether you need to save the money to pay for school (which is the reality for many students), or just want to have spending cash for the rest of your summer fun, having some a steady income in the summer is a great
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