Why Do We Love Superheroes

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Superheroes who are they, why does the world need them, and why are they even created? Superheroes are people with a known or unknown identity they fight crime to do better in the world. Sometimes superheroes want revenge and that provides action in movies and comics. Also Superheroes stop supernatural threats like Justice League with Darkside and Avengers with Thanos the mad titan. Superheroes are needed in today’s society; therefore heroes are needed to help kids believe in dreams, teaches morality, and shows how to overcome hardships in life.
First, superheroes help kids believe in dreams because of Make A Wish Foundation. Make A Wish helps little kids by shutting down Sydney. “parts of Sydney were shut down as the Make-a-Wish Foundation
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For example in Why Do We Love Superheroes “The image of Superman floating high above Metropolis using his super-hearing to spot trouble afoot in his city is the image of Adam in the garden before Eve” (Why Do We Love Superheroes?). Superheroes show right and wrong in comics and a great example is the bible, so some stories are based off the bible and the moral of that story is the same as the bible. Superheroes show a moral to the story by resolving the main conflict and what the conflict shows to the main character and the reader. The bible comes in many forms like comic books, stories, and more plus they all have the same lesson they’re trying to teach. Next superheroes always have a good moral because they do what’s good in life. Hero teams like the Justice League show amazing morals because their name basically shows what they do and it’s to fight for justice and Avengers fight for what’s right in life. Certain heroes fight for a cause like Thor and Black Panther fight for their kingdoms and do what’s right for the people that dwell in their land. Finally superheroes help people with their quality traits and good choices. Sometimes there’s more than one moral in the story like good choices could be a moral of a story. There’s a main moral and small morals also some morals could be an act of kindness or to help people to safety. Morals are a main takeaway of a story and help people in their life and help everyone how to act or…show more content…
Superman’s life is easy “But consider how this man lived. The most powerful man in the world worked as an anonymous reporter, disguised as a mild-mannered everyman, bullied by his boss and rebuffed by the women at the office” it’s a hard life if people consitier it (Hutchins 1). Yes, Superman’s life seems simple but being a reporter is complex. reporters have to find a good story, write it, and publish the story. Same goes with his hero life it’s more complex because he’s living different lives so it’s hard going back and forth to separate lives. Next, Spiderman lives separate lives and he struggles to; “academically gifted child who excelled in science and became a high honors student which in turn often made him a social outcast and a target for bullies” (Mekin, BagherNiakan, Hunt 1). Spiderman or Peter Parker has a struggle as well an honor roll student who’s caught up in crime fighting is kind of a complex life to live. Plus with great power comes great responsibility so Peter took his lives closer to one another so his double life thing isn’t too complicate. Finally, hardships are shown in hero stories because they’re wouldn’t be a reason to be a superhero in the first place. For example, Batman wouldn’t wear the mask if it wasn’t for his parents murder there has to be an obstacle in the way for heroes to take the task of being one. Heroes show hardships in their story because their
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