The Importance Of Supporting A Person With Dementia

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Traditionally, care workers have been the lead in planning and reviewing care and have played a greater part in deciding how needs can be met and what is possible. In the person-centred approach, the care worker role is that of an expert technician advising rather than leading and/or controlling the process. Care workers need to collaborate with individuals and help them to become informed and find ways to identify their own support needs. The way a person with dementia feels and experiences life is down to more than just having the condition. There are many other factors aside from the symptoms of dementia that play a huge role in shaping someone 's experience. These include the relationships the person has, their environment and the support they receive.…show more content…
People can recognise this by being as supportive as possible. Carers, friends and family, can help a person with dementia to feel valued and included. Support should be sensitive to the person as an individual, and focus on promoting their wellbeing and meeting their needs. When supporting a person with dementia, it can be helpful for carers to have an understanding of the impact the condition has on that person. This includes understanding how the person might think and feel, as these things will affect how they behave. The person may be experiencing a world that is very different to that of the people around them. It will help if the carer offers support while trying to see things from the perspective of the person with dementia, as far as
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