The Importance Of Suspense In The Film Jaws

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The film Jaws was an enjoyable film and has always been one of my favorites. I have watched it many times, but one of the things that always kind of bugged me with this particular film was the acting from one of its members. Some of the characters were portrayed in a logical manner, while others were not. They had specific roles that they were supposed to play and no matter how strange those roles were, they stuck to them and played them well. The special effects used in the movie were sometimes subtle, but used in a very powerful way as well. Even though Jaws is an older film, it has become a classic movie that has won the hearts of many viewers.
The character that always stuck out to me the most in the film was Captain Quint, played by Robert
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The biggest thing that comes to mind in the special effects department from this movie is the shark. I am 100% certain that they did not use a real shark, however the actions that the shark had in the movie looked like what you would expect of a fish of that size. Not only is the work of the shark amazing, how they did the blood as well as the dead bodies was pretty spectacular. I had a conversation about this movie with my chemistry teacher, Joyce Sherpa, and she reminisced about how she, when she was in 6th grade and watched jaws. After watching this movie, she was afraid of going into the water for quite a while. Even though to today’s standards these effects are vastly inferior, the effects were very different than were done before. They helped create an irrational fear of sharks that has lasted to this day. Most of the movie they don’t even show a creature at all, they just have a musical background playing and panic ensuing. However, once the boating scene comes to its climax, you see Hooper, Brody, and Quint all battling against what appears to be a fully functioning shark. According to, the shark was an expensive piece of metal that required a lot of maintenance to get to work properly. In the film you would not guess by the blood and guts that pump out of this metal monstrosity to be made of metal and paint. The effects are not the driving force

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