The Importance Of Suspense In The Monkey's Paw

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In the Monkey’s paw on page 108 the quote said “his tones were so grave that a hush fell upon the room.” The tell - tale heart and the monkey’s paw are entertaining short stories that meet the criteria to be categorized in the horror genre because they both contain suspense. In the tell tale hearts it creates suspense because allen said that the old man did him no wrong but he wanted to kill him because of the old man’s eye and that he had the eye of an eagle, and that his eye was blue and pale . and another reason why this story show’s numorious amounts of suspense is because every night he will stand in the old man’s room and watch him sleep just thinking about the old man’s eye while he’s sleeping. And the third reason why this story shows suspense is because allen he always acted very weired.

In the monkey’s paw it creates suspense through the mystery surrounding, when sergeant Major Morris visits the Whites, he brings with him the very vague and mysterious story of the monkey’s paw. another reason why
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He is so disturbed that he confesses and tells the police where to find the body. Another reason why this story shows suspense is because One night, the narrator slips into the old man’s bedroom, removes him from his bed, and drags the bed over his body to kill him. He cuts him into pieces and buries the body under the floorboards. And the third reason why this story show’s suspense is because he opened the bedroom door and felt a sense of exhilaration at the thought that the old man did not even dream that a foul deed was afoot. The Monkey's Paw" is a classic, even amazing, story of supernatural suspense. The monkey's paw is a magical artifact. Anyone who owns it gets three wishes
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