The Importance Of Sustainability In Architecture

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1.2 Learning and Application Everybody somehow have an idea about sustainability but a few people knows the true meaning of sustainability. Sustainability is designing and living with considering the nature. Reducing the waste and using natural sources for energy consuming; between design approach it has economic and social dimensions. It is mostly confused with green design or eco-design but sustainability is not just something about architecture or design; it is also about life style and habits. Sustainability includes this two principles but it has a social dimension too. Sustainability can integrate with society, that is why people needs to be informed about practices of sustainability. This is indicating the importance of the education in sustainability. American Institute of Architects (1992) defined sustainability in architecture: In its broadest sense, sustainability refers to the ability of a society, ecosystem, or other ongoing system to continue functioning into the indefinite future, without being forced into decline through exhaustion or overloading of the key resources on which that system. Today with development of technology everything that humans use and do getting easier and getting better. Scientists develop many products to extend the human life span. with in this case, however, people are spending a lot less energy to perform daily chores, and that makes them lazy. This is also means that more damage to the nature. For example people do not walk,
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