The Importance Of Sustainability In Child Education

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The awareness for Sustainability and its importance are growing day-to-day in the environmental community and in child education. Sustainability is the method or the way to maintain and support the environment. It is the assembling of current and future generations’ requirements through the environment, economic and social expansion. This discourse will provide the motive of environmental program and how children can become environmentally in charge and will highlight the areas of change in all aspects of the environment. It will also discuss the opportunities in relating children with nature. This context will also give information regarding the policies of workplace sustainability.

Task 1
1.1 Develop a sustainability management plan
Identify aspects of sustainability in the service with the consideration of potential change in all aspects of the service’s delivery and environments
Development of sustainability management plan is an appropriate way to bring sustainability in the services in every field. It gives an efficient procedure to influence individuals via the method of change by rectifying the aims and targets (Thiele, 2013). As the issues regarding environment increases in the society, so the environmental program, as well as environmental education, is necessary for the awareness of children. Everything people do includes the utilization of resources either natural or man-made (Robinson, 2012). Each and every aspect of life is depending on the natural world.

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