The Importance Of Sustainable Community Development

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Today the world finds itself being overwhelmed with the dramatic growth in population. According to (DUGGER, 2011), he mentioned that the world population would slightly rise to reach about 10.1 billion by 2100. Consequently, population growth will cause environment to degrade through the tremendous use of natural resources, stated in (SHARMA, 2008). Therefore, this is a vital starting point to make every community prosperously and economically sustains. Addressing to scope of the term “Sustainable Community Development” generally defines as environmentally, economically, and socially benefits people without lessening ecosystem. Making sustainable community means trying to use renewable sources without giving any harm to environment and giving bad impact later. Furthermore, to share common purpose, it provides benefits to humanity and encouraging a balanced advance that builds a minimal amount of harm for following future generations. Once the community is sustainable, it does not only profit economic, but also provide social equity and environment-friendly. Hence, in this essay, more details of how important of sustainable community will be scrutinized and illustrate into three main categories below. Sustainable community highly aims to promote “financial stability” and “reduce risk factor” that can be harm to environment. Renewable energy a model of sustainable sources will sustainably help in economical saving and diminishing of environmental degradation. Solar energy
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