The Importance Of Sustainable Development

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Sustainable development is based on the development of society, economy, population, resources and environment coordinated development. The aim is to meet the needs of contemporary people without compromising the development of future generations ' ability to meet their demands. Sustainable land use refers to the way of land resource use, which means that the land utilization should not only meet the requirements of modern people, but also not pose a hazard to future generations to meet their demand capacity. The main performance is the sustainability of quantity and quality. The key of sustainable land use is to coordinate the relationship and behavior that between the population, resources, environment and economic development. The core of sustainable land use planning is to promote land use sustainability. It is the provision that the land use direction and development level of the planning objects in the future stage. Land sustainable use planning should take the coordination of resource development, economic growth, environmental protection and social development as the guiding ideology and take the land sustainable use as the aim to promote the whole society’s continuous progress and development. In addition, Land sustainable use planning should take the ecological and economic laws as a guide to improve the economic efficiency and land economic density while ensure the virtuous cycle and development of ecological environment. (Dan 2005)
Land resources provide the

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