The Importance Of Sustainable Development Goals

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The sustainable development goals were made with one ultimate goal in mind- to enhance the future. Unless there is a change in the way people act, think and feel towards, not only one another, but also the environment, there will be no true progress. Until women are seen globally as equals, cities are safe for everyone and worldwide production no longer leaves islands and coasts underwater from climate change, there will be no change. Every nation, community and person must first embrace and be proud of what has been given and make steps to aid nations without basic needs and rights, because if the world doesn’t rise together, ultimately, we do not rise at all.
The eleventh sustainable development goal is stated with the purpose of making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. These are done with a number of goals, but first the definition for each description listed in the goal should be defined. An inclusive city is defined as one in which the process of development includes a wide variety of citizens and activities, thereby not removing any group of people due to the nature of events ("Collaborative for Inclusive Urbanism", 2017). Inclusivity allows cities to maintain their wealth and power by avoiding marginalization and building on interactions that add to the richness of the city.
In the United States, a safe city is defined as one where the number of murders is less than 5 per 100,000 people (Huw Davies, 2014). Safe cities may also
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