Population Growth In Delhi Essay

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1. Introduction
This report covers the importance of practicing sustainable development in countries such as Singapore and Delhi, India, as they experience a growing population and economy. For a country’s economy to grow, it is crucial for its population size to grow as well. However, as a country’s population increases, the more arduous it becomes to maintain sustainable development. Sustainable development consists of ensuring balance between local and global efforts to meet basic human needs without destroying or degrading the natural environment.

Experiencing economic growth alone is insufficient if no there are no means to maintain a high standard of living. This essay will also focus on the measures taken to support development of green cities like Singapore, the impact of population growth and
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With a rate that is too fast, the city faces many issues that affect the people and the economy. However, with this issue at hand, Delhi does not seem to be implementing proper initiatives for sustainable development. Firstly, with population size that is too large for the land size, Delhi faces severe cases of traffic congestion. As there are too many private vehicles on roads that are not wide enough, massive jams occur. This raises the level of environmental pollution to exceedingly high values. As a measure to rectify this, the government has introduced a decongestion plan for the city. The establishment of the Delhi Metro is one part of the progress towards improving the transport system. The Delhi Metro is a mass rapid transit serving Delhi and the outskirt cities. Phase 2 of the Metro lines have already been completed and phase 3 are due, end of 2016. However, the improvement in traffic conditions are not significant as a majority of the population still commute using private vehicles. Stricter laws have to be enforced by the government if the traffic conditions are to be
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