The Importance Of Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development (SD) is a well-recognized concept throughout the World. This concept has been the subject of discussion since the Brundland Report titled “Our Common Future” during the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987 (Drexhage & Murphy, 2010). It was during this conference that the need for Rio’s Earth Summit was identified which took place in Rio de Jenario, Brazil in 1992. The main focus of this summit was to address pressing issues facing the world at the time and to prepare the world for the future (UN, 1992). SD was later addressed at a global level during the World Summit on Sustainable Development that took place in Johannesburg in the year 2002. During this summit different countries revisited declarations they made during the Rio’s Earth Summit. SD aims at promoting development that benefits all stakeholders including community members, finding balance and integrating all three pillars which are social, economic and environment factors for the benefit of current and future generations (Keating, 1992).
The need to raise awareness about environmental issues has grown over the last two decades because of environmental challenges that we are currently facing in the world (Gare, 2006). Due to the identified need, Lapalala Wilderness School (LWS) has designed an activity called Enviro-Crisis. The activity aims at identifying environmental issues within the communities and offers learners an opportunity to gain knowledge,

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