The Importance Of Sustainable Growth In An Organization

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The motive of any organization is to grow either financially or increase their share in the market. To achieve such growth any organization must have a set of strategic goals and objectives which should include clear-cut purpose and the progress should be measure able (Akbar D. Y., 2015). Every company must have a vision about their future position and their crucial target which must be stated in their vision and mission statement (Akbar D. Y., 2015).
Growth is an important aspect of any organization without it organizations cannot survive for long. Its important that every company must develop a growth strategy and many a times growth is measured by significant hike in cash flows and dividends paid to shareholders at the end of the year.
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Sustainable growth is the rate of growth an organization can maintain without increasing its liabilities or increasing their risk. There are many ways to maintain a sustainable growth rate few of the important ones being keeping the priorities of customer’s first these may include producing goods and services which are preferred by customers and ways by which it could reach them in an effective manner to attract individuals through company’s culture and vision and give importance to innovation, leadership and capabilities. Developing business performance and managerial decision making by analyzing and using technology. Increasing the success rate by improvising operations which will increase the chances of prosperity. Effective management of risk , policies and procedures (,…show more content…
In case study of Indigo Airlines, in order to attract more people, they introduced payment of the ticket in installment basis. Innovation where an entirely new product is created is called technical innovation. A new product on a whole independent of the others is introduced to the market. Example: In the case study of Zespri, they introduced a new type of kiwi, unlike the others which were green in color this was golden and therefore called zespri gold. Innovation where organizational structure is innovated in order to bring out the best possible results, is known as management innovation. The best example for management innovation is outsourcing, to get things done in a better way the work is given to other company who are good at it and will deliver it better (Akbar D. Y., Strategic Innovation,

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