The Importance Of Sustainable Growth

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The motive of any organization is to grow either financially or increase their share in the market. To achieve such growth any organization must have a set of strategic goals and objectives which should include clear-cut purpose and the progress should be measure able (Akbar D. Y., 2015). Every company must have a vision about their future position and their crucial target which must be stated in their vision and mission statement (Akbar D. Y., 2015). Growth is an important aspect of any organization without it organizations cannot survive for long. Its important that every company must develop a growth strategy and many a times growth is measured by significant hike in cash flows and dividends paid to shareholders at the end of the year. The faster the growth the more risk involved. There are many ways to develop a growth strategy few of them being focusing existing customers to buy more than they usually do, expand their market area by attracting new customers, use a different means to sell like selling through apps from smart devices and developing a new product attracting new as well as existing customers (Dahl, 2010). Just having a good growth rate is not sufficient it is equally important to maintain such growth rate, in technical terms it is known as sustainable growth. Sustainable growth is the rate of growth an organization can maintain without increasing its liabilities or increasing their risk. There are many ways to maintain a sustainable growth rate few of the
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