The Importance Of Sustainable Human Development

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According to the UNDP Administrator, Mr. James Gustave Speth, "sustainable human development is development that not only generates economic growth but distributes its benefits equitably; that regenerates the environment rather than destroying it; that empowers people rather than marginalizing them. It gives priority to the poor, enlarging their choices and opportunities and providing for their participation in decisions affecting them. It is development that is pro-poor, pro-nature, pro-jobs, pro-women and pro-children". Many people including some of you never heard about sustainability or at least they don’t know its actual meaning until now. During the course of my speech you’ll be able to understand the importance of sustainability, the challenges in establishing it in Lebanon, the solution to this problem with focusing mainly on the environmental side which is the most influential nowadays.

I- Since 1992, the road to sustainable development in Lebanon has been full with challenges, both internal and external. A- Internally, several problems and wars happened on the Lebanese land and they eroded national resources and prevented Lebanon from managing sustainable development challenges. 1- The 3 wars with Israel in 1996, 1999 and 2006, displaced nearly one million Lebanese over to a quarter of the total population, destroyed their houses and caused severe damage to the primary infrastructure. In specific, the war of 2006 which caused the
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