The Importance Of Sustainable Leadership

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In the execution of projects it is important to accomplish the primary purpose of the project but the extent to which this is achieved differs across different projects. As postulated by Jomo and Van Engelen 2005, in recent times they has been a growing need undertake business in a sustainable manner. This needs a role in leadership to be conscious and sustainably lead the business to greater heights. Emerson (2011:1) speaks of sustainable leadership being that which develops rather than deplete materials and human resources, renews peoples morale, enthusiasm and so it is resourceful leadership which eliminates wastage. In addition, this requires leadership’s long term thinking in fostering innovation that adds value to customer, increases…show more content…
Its intensions are for the outcome to: please all stakeholders, be completed within budget and schedule, meet all the requirements and be flawless. A project is a success when perceived value of the result is considered Hussein (2013:1-6) and will therefore not only include the effective management of the triple constraint (time, budget and performance) associated with the execution of a particular project (Robert and Albert 2011: 103-113). A holistic approach of sustainable leadership in the quest to achieve project success should be assessed on the grounds that research has shown that sustainable leadership brings about greater sasfication and results than having non sustainable leadership. (Avery & Bergsteiner, 2011:…show more content…
In another view to measure project success a time is allowed for the outcome to be utilised and therefore regarded as more of a long term measure be made once the project's product has been utilised and this can be many years after the project's completion (Baccarini and Collins, 2004: 1-9). On this note the measure of project success can compare to the envisioning nature of sustainable leadership. In a research made for establishing the criteria for project success he results are as follows: Source Baccarini, D and Collins, A. 2004, The concept of project success- What 150 Australian project managers think.1-9 These results show that these project managers are relatively more concerned with the execution of the project within the time cost quality constraints in defining project success. As said by Jugdev and Muller, 2005:19-31 these results reinforce the gerrally agreed clusters of succes which are to: • Meet design specificstion • Impact on the customer • Benefits to the

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