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1. OER Definition Open educational resources are educational materials which provide academic resources for teaching, learning and research purposes. They are high quality, open licenced, easy and free to use online (Aitkins et al, 2007). They include various open educational resources such as full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, videos, tests, software and other useful tools and materials which help improve and support academic research and knowledge. It allows for people to gain, share and reuse knowledge. It also provides space for the public to engage and network with one another (Belliston, 2009). 2. Introduction Sustainable resource management is very important in order to ensure that our resources are conserved and sustained. We are currently faced with a threatened future as we are challenged with resource scarcity and mismanagement. There are many factors which contribute towards the degradation of resources, some directly and others indirectly. However, it is important that we find methods to conserve and utilize resources in an appropriate sustaining manner to promote a…show more content…
It is vital that farmers acquire innovative ways for agricultural production with the idea of environment and natural resource conservation. Most policies of the development plans in the last decades have focused on the agricultural production increase in order to provide required food for the increasing population. The existing policies and strategies lack integration between these two issues as well as limited improvement of small-scale farmers’ livelihoods. These programs have mostly been developed using the reductionist or systematic paradigms, which provide few opportunities for the rural communities’ active participation (Karamidehkordi, 2007). Using systems thinking approaches may help stakeholders manage these complexities and facilitate sustainable resource management to deal with main

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