The Importance Of Sustainable Tourism

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Sustainable Tourism
Tourism depends for its very existence on quality n atural environments; it is equally dependent on hum an environments, resources and cultures.
For a long time tourism was seen as a ‘soft’ activity, different from other forms of development
, inherently conservatory given that its sustainability relied o n the preservation of the natural resource base and the local cultures. However it is now recognised that tourism is an industry just like any other, an industry wh ich has been characterised by rapid, short- term ventures which have often damaged those very a ssets upon which they depend. "Tourism kills tourism" is acknowledge d as a widespread phenomena. Tourism is essentially an exploitative industry, and as such it is justified to regulate tourism as is done for any other pollut ing industry.
Obvious is the need for the tourism industry to bec ome sustainable.
"Sustainable tourism" is often equated with nature or eco- tourism; but sustainable tourism development means more than protecting the natural environment - it means proper consideration of host peoples, comm unities, cultures, customs, lifestyles, and social and econo mic systems. It is tourism that truly benefits thos e who are on the receiving end, and that does not exploit and degrade the environment in which they live and fro m which

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