The Importance Of Swimmer's Ear In Kids

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Swimmer’s Ear in Kids: Important Things to Know
Swimming is extremely beneficial for the kids as much as it is for the adults. In fact, if you are able to let your kid join the swim lessons in Queen Creek as early as possible, he/she will surely be thanking you later for the healthy body and the fresh mind that you have initiated them into. Having said that, while introducing your kid to swimming, you have to take certain safety standards and make sure that the little one’s initial encounter with the waters goes fine and in a desirable way. However, even when your kid gets trained by experts in reputed swim schools, there are chances of him/her getting affected by certain common swimming related health problems. And a common one among them
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It is usually caused by bacteria or fungus present in the pool waters. Now, these bacteria might well be present in a pool that is cleaned regularly. However, it depends on the overall physiology and more importantly, the skin type, etc. of your child that determines whether he will be affected by the bacteria. Kids who spend a lot of time in the waters usually suffer from this infection because too much moisture in the ear irritates and breaks down the skin in the canal, making way for the fungi to penetrate. Although there is no rule as such, Otitis Externa has maximum chances of occurring during the summers when swimming is practiced the…show more content…
It is natural for you to be concerned especially it is painful to even see the little ones suffer. But the good news is that Swimmer’s ear is a common problem that can be treated as well as prevented. Here is a list of tips for you:
Always make sure that you dry your kid properly with a towel after each swim. Drying the ears should be done carefully and gently. Teach him to allow the water to run out of the ears by turning his heads to the sides. If the excess water is thrown out, there will be no chance of moisture and therefore, least possibility of the infection affecting your kid.
As a doting parent, it is natural for you to clean your kid’s ears, apprehensive that he might not be able to do it himself. But most often, you end up causing trauma to the internal parts of his ear unknowingly and of course, unintentionally. Show him how to clean the ears with cotton tipped applicators and make sure that he does it regularly.
Even with these precautions, if your kid is affected by Swimmer’s ear, consult a doctor and use prescribed ear drops that cure your little one

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