The Importance Of Symbolism In Communication

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Symbol is one of the most important elements of any language since it serves to communicate without the need of a verbal response. According to the book, " A symbol may be defined as a thing the value or meaning of which is bestowed upon by those who use it" (34).
This happens because it is immediately recognized and the one who as a public observes it must know its meaning in order to understand what it refers to. The symbol is an important element of communication between human beings. When we talk about communication we are referring to the act whereby two people exchange ideas or thoughts, but for that to be achieved, both people involved in the act of communication must understand what each of the words or terms that are used refer to. The same
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Each of the letters we are using when writing this text acts as a symbol of a sound that becomes recognizable and can form words. They are also symbols that are used to make mathematical accounts, or the drawings that one can make. The book states how all symbols must have a physical form; other-wise they could not possible enter our experiences (34). Many things can become symbols as long as their meaning is understood and then by placing that graphic representation (for example, when the symbol of peace is expressed) you know what you are referring to. Normally, the symbol of peace symbolizes harmony, fun, calmness, it is even interpreted as a "good-bye". It is never seen as a malignant behavior in some countries such as the United states. On the other, it is interpreted different in other countries such as the UK, Australia and Africa the same gesture with the back of the hand facing the other person is considered to be an extremely insulting symbol towards them (2). It is quite fascinating how symbols could be interpreted different in other countries and how cautious we have to be when
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