The Importance Of Tabloidization

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Tabloidization is the change in the format of newspaper into the tabloid form and enhanced focus on entertainment and celebrities deviating from the serious issues. Media is the imperative as well the integral element of polity and the fourth estate of the democracy. The present trend of media is more of a show than a medium of delivering the news. Media has taken to gossips, sex and sensationalization which distracts the attention of the people from the real issues around the world. Glamour is now a regular dosage in the everyday newspaper, which gave birth to the so called page 3 culture. the term tabloid originated from “the tablet of the medicine”, which figuratively meant a small dosage of any matter or issues and hence “tabloid journalism”…show more content…
First, common people are more interested in leisurely passing their time rather than being concerned about the issues of national importance. Second, the inner desire of the people to become famous, these papers showcase certain people in bright light which is the exact reflection of what they want to be. The widespread of this tabloid journalism can also be justified by the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle of journalism. According to this principle the people tend to change their behavior when they are aware that they are being observed. According to Andy Warhol today’s media trend promotes “becoming famous for every 15…show more content…
the tabloid journalism is not that expensive in comparison to the traditional reporting .It is much of an easy task to run a news clip rather than sending the reporters to the scene. There are diverse risks involved with the increased popularity of the tabloid journalism .The core values like diversity, independence and objectivity can be lost due to this style of journalism. The market and society are the two contributing factors for this changing style in reporting the news. The tabloid journalism also affects politics to a significant extent. The present trend in media reporting constantly keeps watch on the personal life of the politicians rather than pressing importance on the official activities .They deliberately search for scams, scandals and corruptions. This results in concentrating the public’s sight on the personal life of famous people which in a way is breaching of their privacy .The tabloid journalism also succeeded in creating public opinion due to which the public becomes judgmental about their leaders and blindly go by the matter reported by the press. For example one of the main reasons behind victory of PM Narendra Modi in 2014 election was this tabloid journalism. Most of the newspapers portrayed him as the hero in politics and successfully diverted the attention of the people only towards him rather than diffusing the attention towards other serious

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