The Importance Of Talent And Hard Work

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“This is how I define talent; it is a gift that God has given us in a secret, which we reveal without perceiving it.” These are the words of Charles de Montesquieu. Montesquieu was a French lawyer, man of letters, and political philosopher, who lived during the Age of Enlightenment. Thus, to reveal the talent people must engage in different activities. For a long time, scientists argue about the existence of talent. Most of them refute the theory of an inborn gift. They assert that hard work itself is the way to develop talent. The best way to resolve this dispute is to reach a compromise that both talent and hard work play an essential role in the pursuit of success. However, opinions differ. Geoffrey Colvin insists on that talent is not so significant that people cannot achieve any success without it. My opinion coincides with Mr. Colvin’s. An innate talent gives you a head start, but hard work will make you finish the race. Nevertheless, you can achieve success while practicing a lot, and believing in yourself and your bright future. Talent is mental and physical ability, which makes gifted people manage in the easier, faster way. It is not something that can be lost or spent. It is an inborn part of every person. Some people claim that talent is important to musicians, sportsmen, and artists. They explain their statement as if a person does not have a vocal voice, so he cannot be a singer. If a person is not flexible, he cannot be a dancer, or a choreographer. All
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