The Importance Of Tattoos And Cosmetic Clinics

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Tattoos especially cosmetic tattooing have become popular, as a permanent makeup of the eyelids, eyebrows and lips, for personal convenience, to avoid applying conventional makeup daily, allergies to makeup products, visual impairment, arthritis, active outdoor lifestyles or demanding work schedules. Permanent makeup make women look younger than their age, save money and 30-60 minutes they have to spend every day applying regular makeup, which very soon eventually smudges, smears and disappears. Some persons probably, want to “sleep with a makeup and wake up along with the makeup” and few others always want to look like a movie star. Sometimes tattoos are for camouflaging unsightly scars and vitiligo. Although cosmetologists, electrologists and aestheticians practice cosmetic tattooing in cosmetic salons, medical practitioners are averse to this practice stating it as strictly avoidable and unsafe. We should be well aware, the training and competence of practitioners in this largely unregulated emerging profession is largely doubtful. Traditional tattooing & cosmetic tattooing The major difference between traditional and cosmetic tattooing (micro-pigmentation) is the site of the tattoo. Safety precautions when working near the eye for eyeliner is of paramount importance along with controlling pain, swelling and bleeding during the practice of making a permanent makeup. Clients suffering from medical problems like high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, history of herpes

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