Three Different Types Of Tea In The Victorian Era

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Victorian Era Ever thought of your love and desire for tea? In the Victorian Era tea was a distinct aspect in the lives of high, middle, and lower classes of people living in England and still is this day. Tea was always included in meals and midday times, when no meal was present, there were sweet alternatives like caraway cakes, devonshire cream, cookies, and other pastries. (food and cooking in Victorian england) Three different types of tea would be, high tea, afternoon tea, and just tea. High tea got its name when the tea tradition was introduced to the working class, it was called high tea because it was drunk at the high time of the day, which was four or five o 'clock, it was with a meal of steak and potatoes or whatever was made to eat, afternoon tea was of course drunk in the afternoon with sandwiches, scones, and clotted cream, and “just” tea was drunk at any other time of the day, tea was some people 's desire, they loved to have it at any hour of any day, it was peaceful to partake in. (food and cooking in Victorian England)…show more content…
Etiquette was a key part in attending the tea parties, if your etiquette want to everyones expectations, you were judged, proper etiquette would be a greeting/handshake, after being seated, your purse should be set on your lap or back side of your chair, napkins should be placed on your lap, do not hold your pinky “up” and guest should look into their cup while taking a sip, never over it, while eating, savories first, scones second, sweets last, the etiquette is strict because of the wealthiness in the room and the respect that should be presented while around such formality. (daily life in Victorian

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