The Importance Of Teacher Education

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Introduction Over the past decade, public dissatisfaction with schools has included dissatisfaction with teacher education. Education schools have been variously criticized as ineffective in preparing teachers for their work, unresponsive to new demands, remote from practice, and barriers to the recruitment of bright college students into teaching (Hammond, 2000). Voices of dissatisfaction have been raised from within the profession as well. These voices, however, have urged the redesign of teacher education to strengthen its knowledge base, its connections to both practice and theory, and its capacity to support the development of powerful teaching (Hammond, 2000). Hou (2011) notes the influence of globalization and marketization that urges countries and their higher education institutions to reach international standards. In this context, competition among institutions and efforts to meet international standards are necessary to maintain key positions in the international community (Chong and Ho, 2009). In most countries the public is also interested in holding higher education institutions to high standards in order to maintain the value of their credentials (Hou, 2011). Calls for reform stimulate many universities to strengthen teacher preparation by requiring more subject matter preparation, more intensive coursework on content pedagogy and strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners, and more systematic and connected clinical experiences. Some
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