The Importance Of Teacher Education In India

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Teacher Education is the core element to success. If any nation wish to have success and fame, they should focus in bringing quality to teacher education of the particular country. This study aims to identify issues and concerns of teacher education in developing India and in developed Singapore. Furthermore it was identified that India and Singapore do have similar issues and concerns like maintaining the quality, lack of expertise of being trained, and teacher education becoming a commodity in the market of the economical world. Furthermore, through the study it was analysed that Influence of Technology, Focus on mentoring the novice teacher, Lack of research based study and fewer creativity and innovation are also some of the issues that…show more content…
In addition Anees, (2015) argues that some of the major problem in the current teacher eduaction is that the candidates are not being selected properly in some couries, there is no set mecahnism for feed back, and lack of dedication and commitment to the profession by the candidates. Furthermore Gunawardhane, (2011) identifies that teacher education in Sri Lanka faces differnet issues related to content of the teacher education and the issues which are related to the organization itself. He argues that in teacher education, the orgainzations have issues like financial and management issues. On the whole, the literature review identifies that teacher education needs to reform according to the development and globalized world of any country and its not only concerns of developing countries, there are concerns and issues in developed countries as well. Aim of the…show more content…
As a result there are fewer issues and concerns related to teacher education in Singapore. According to Walk, (2015) Singapore is growing very fast in every aspect so some of the issues and concerns that they have are that education might fall under the marketization and might become a service. So that the unvarying and the quality will decline and the speedy development of technology might change the teaching and learning of the classrooms. Morevover he states that edifing and consolidation of the professionalism is also an issue which the governement have to consider in the pace of improvement. He also believes that teacher education needs to have a process where continuous innovation and creativity can take place with the changing world. Equally, teacher education should prepare teachers who are capable to cope with diversity, inclusion and social justice and also for the technological world because the technology might be an issue as it has great influence on the

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