The Importance Of Teacher Efficacy

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Teacher’s Self Efficacy is different from teacher’s collective efficacy and personal efficacy. While Teacher Efficacy refers to individual teacher’s belief that he or she is capable of positively influencing students and their performance, collective efficacy is the perceived performance of a social system (Bandura, 1997: 469) or an educational system. There are studies to show that professional learning influences Self- Efficacy while collective efficacy improves schooling. Studies reveal that while Personality and Motivation contribute to teaching effectiveness, Teachers’ Self Efficacy is linked to teaching performances both, which ultimately influence student performance. 2.2 Teacher Efficacy Teacher Efficacy theoretically is reflected in classroom management, student engagement and in administering instructional strategies. Therefore, the researcher has tried to focus the review on these issues beginning the discussion with general introduction to Teacher Efficacy. According to Frase (1989) teachers’ ability to perform effectively is affected by the teaching environment and work content. He refers to teaching environment as generally represented by class size, rules…show more content…
But teachers with research degrees were found to be possessing greater effectiveness and competence. Kammati (2001) found that giving priority to personal, professional, intellectual and social aspects and teaching strategies influenced teacher effectiveness, which in turn influenced academic achievement of students. The study found work orientation and teacher effectiveness to be positively
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