The Importance Of Teacher In Education

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In education, the ultimate purpose of the teacher is to help students to learn, often in a school. The aim is a course of study, planning of lesson, including learning and thinking skills. All these skills referred to pedagogical skills of a teacher. The teaching profession demands full devotion towards continues learning. The effective learning depends upon quality of teaching which requires individuals who are academically able and who care about the well-being of children and youth. The success of any educational system depends on good professors. Institutions cannot replace the professors with any other type of instructional material. It has been well said that professors are the best educational system. So, in an educational system, the professor is the basic factor for its success. A professor is more than what is commonly talked about. His or her duties of profession have many other dimensions (Siddiqui, 2010). Application of well-coordinated and intermingled approach to knowledge to contently revisits the instructions as they plan implementation. The professors consider a broad and integrated set of knowledge and techniques of what is expected of a professor who understands and uses technical advancement that have context of the different sets of knowledge and skills that an effective professor possesses. The research in professor’s knowledge, skills and standards suggests that professors change with the passage of time and develop skills like planning, designing,
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