Improving Teacher Performance Analysis

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Teacher performance: Teacher play the most important role in education system of enhancing student learning that matter to their future success. Teacher performance has a direct influence on student learning and student progress is the standard by which teacher performance should be assessed (Barbara C.Hunt, 2009). Teacher performance is acomplex term and have been defined by different researcher differently but the main theme is the accomplishment or executing of a given task. According to Amin et. al., (2013), Obilade (1999) define teacher performance as their duty in a particular period in school system for achieving organizational goals. They also adds Peretemode (1996) description that teacher’s performance is determined by the worker’s level of participation in the day to day running of organization.…show more content…
As Teachers can not make change to school culture alone. But, there is a vast literature on effective schools showing that even in very difficult environments, teachers can perform effectively and their students can learn if the schools provide clear mission, high expectations for success, instructional leadership, frequent monitoring of student progress, opportunity to learn and student time on task, a safe and orderly environment, and home-school relationships that provide understanding and support from parents (Barbara C.Hunt, 2009). Now the question is” why teacher evaluation is needed ?.” As the basic objective of education system is teaching and learning and it can be achieved only if we have effective teacher working in our schools with every student every day. The teacher evaluation has great benefits some of them include

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