Teacher Resilience In The Classroom

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Teacher resilience is a relatively recent area of investigation which provides a way of understanding what enables teachers to persist in the face of challenges and offers a complementary perspective to studies of stress, burnout and, attrition (Masten, et al., 1990). Masten and et al. (1990) define resilience as “the process of, capacity for, or outcome of successful adaptation despite challenging or threatening circumstances” (p. 425). In simple words resilience in the field of language teaching means teachers’ ability to adapt themselves with upcoming problems that they may encounter during their tasks. These problems may have different origins: social, economic, affective and so on (Masten, et al., 1990).
Taylor (2013) states that the problem of recruiting and retaining certified teachers
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Novel teachers may increase their resilience by promoting prolific relationships with people who comprehend the annoyances and suffering of teaching, and can suggest perception on options attainable for handling with different conditions (Taylor, 2013). Finally, teachers’ job satisfaction plays a vital role, not only for education career, but also for improving teaching and learning quality and even for a nation’s development which can help create the strength and effectiveness for school system (Wang & Tran, 2015). The importance of job satisfaction in efficacy is self-evident. It is very likely that people who are dissatisfied with their jobs have an adequate level of productivity. Although during the last two decades, a raising concern in developed quickly in teacher job satisfaction in the field of EFL/ESL, evaluation the levels of job satisfaction among teachers has increased due to the raising tendency of authorized teachers leaving their jobs for causes other than retirement (Ingersoll, 2003, cited in Salehi, et al., 2015). The importance of job
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