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Teachers´ wellbeing at work is especially valuable, since it is directly linked to effective teaching and therefore student motivation for learning (Pakarinen et al., 2010). Due to the sensitive and complex nature of the teaching profession and the pivotal role teachers are expected to play, it is vital at this point to investigate what actually damages teachers´ wellbeing, in which form and what the results of it are.

According to Lopez and Agrawal (2009) teachers report that schools in general provide poor work environment. A myriad of factors may be the reason for teacher fatigue, such as continuous changes in work content, competition, and uncertainty of employment (Lopez and Agrawal, 2009). The consequent feeling of fatigue and cynicism
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Quite early on in their careers, many teachers begin to realize that poor classroom conditions, critical, disruptive and disrespectful students and parents, lack of resources and poor leadership support, are difficulties they encounter in their daily work life (Gold & Roth, 2005). Accordingly, they identify a mismatch between their needs and expectations, which often represents the reality of the teaching profession. The teaching role itself requires a lot of energy, deep involvement in many types of activities such as, parent meetings, extracurricular activities, preparation of lesson plans as well as long-term projects. These activities are in addition to teaching and providing support for students and parents. These diverse activities are not always appreciated and rewarded neither by the schools´ leadership team nor by the broader society. Lack of reward for contributions and commitment to the job leads to low motivation and effectiveness. Individuals often feel underrated when they don`t get the recognition they deserve, both financially and socially. With the teaching profession being underrated on the society level, most teachers lose the feeling of pride of doing something really meaningful and fulfilling. All of those facts conduce to the feeling of emotional and physical exhaustion (Maslach, Leiter, 1997), in other words

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