School As An Agent Of Socialization Essay

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environment. School is also a place where students will interact with others and form relationships. Ryan and Ladd discuss how one will meet many new people and make friends with those who have similar hobbies and interests at school (2012, p.3). As these friendships and bonds deepen, ir will have an impact other area’s of life beyond school. Such as where one goes in their free time and what one does. Thus the influence of these individuals is powerful. Teachers also play a large role in the socialization of children (Asgharzadeh, 2017). First and foremost, teachers provide information to students. A teacher teaches students about things that are going on around the world. Often whether they mean to or not, a teacher also express their opinions and beliefs about certain things (Nespor, 1987,p.324 ). This in turn affects…show more content…
Rather this change should allow students to develop and grow into the person they have always wanted to be and certainly one that they can be proud of. School also acts as an agent of socialization through cultural lenses. First and foremost, school teaches and opens up students to the world around them. Prior to entering school, a child’s view of the world may be limited due to the amount of time spent with their families. However, upon entering school children are not only exposed to culture in the lessons that they learn but also in the people they meet at school itself. Students will learn about different countries and the traditions and beliefs that they practice. A word that often comes to mind when thinking about schools and the individuals that make it up is multiculturalism. The big idea being that there is more than one way of doing things and viewing the world. When students transition from their home and families into school, they are accustomed to certain things. These may be little things like the

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