The Importance Of Teacher's Job Performance

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Teacher’s job performance plays a crucial role in student’s learning process. It is known to be related to teacher’s effectiveness (Medly and Shannon, 1994). Teachers play a basic and dynamic role in the educational system. Job performance of the employees is one of the fundamental issues that organizational managers seek to improve it. Since the mid-twentieth century, organizational commitment has been substantially considered and analyzed. All jobs have their certain circumstances. Performance is the doing the tasks by the employees using the abilities and motivations. Therefore, motivational aspects of job after recruiting human resources are of great significance. Job performance referred to an act of accomplishing or executing a given task (Lindsay, 1995; Griffin, 2012). Teacher job performance defined as duties performed by a teacher at a particular period in the school system in achieving organizational goals (Obilade, 1999). Teachers’ job performance could be measured through teacher’s job satisfaction and job attitudes such as job commitment, feelings of job challenge, job meaningfulness and job responsibility (Cheng, 2002). When an individual is satisfied, their job performance might increase. They tend to be more committed to their work. Job performance is important to ensure the quality of instruction taking place at school.
Two factors are of more importance compared to other factors. First, the way job behavior is easily taught and the rewards may be given to
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