The Importance Of Teaching And Learning In Higher Education

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Teaching and learning are the two sides of a coin. The most accepted criterion for measuring good teaching is the amount of student learning that occurs. There are consistently high correlations between students‟ ratings of the “amount learned” in the course and their overall ratings of the teacher and the course. Those who learned more gave their teachers higher ratings (Cohen, 1981; Theall and Franklin, 2001; Kim and Ok, 2010). This same criterion was also put forth by Thomas Angelo, when he said; “teaching in the absence of learning is just talking” (Doyle, 2002).
Student representation, study opportunities and group size are the eight dimensions that determine the service quality of the higher education. Besides, Bitner and Zeithaml (1996) have discussed that the communication skills of teaching staff, the effective interaction between staff and students can help students achieve study objectives, leading to higher student
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Kuh and Hu (2001) have claimed that effective interaction between student and faculty is a strong predicator of student satisfaction. Kara and De Shields (2004) stated that faculty performance, advising staff performance, and classes would influence students‟ academic experience and which in turn would influence the student satisfaction. Novarro et al. (2005) surveyed the Spanish University students and observed teaching staff, teaching methods, and courses administration which was the key factors to achieve student satisfaction with short-term, specific programs. They also illustrated that the teaching staff, enrolment, and course organization are the elements that impact student satisfaction with summer courses, and facilities being a potential determinant of student satisfaction. Delaney (2005) stated that academic staff, academic experience, residential life, social life on campus, personal development opportunities, student

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