The Importance Of Teaching And Learning In The Classroom

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1.1. Background to the Study
Teaching and learning in an informal and formal institution always takes place in a classroom, studio, lecture hall/theatre and laboratories. The fundamental objective of these places is for learners and teachers to interact with each other in pursuit of educational activities. It is obvious that everybody who went through any system of education would learn from one of the above mentioned places. For instance, someone who learns to sew dresses will learn under the shed or shop. Similarly a teacher would teach a student in a classroom or in a lecture hall/laboratory.
The environment in these places may differ, ranging from physical elements to social climates. In many sheds, shops, classrooms, studios, laboratories the choice of colors for painting the walls may differ, the arrangements of the desk, the lightening and ventilation may also vary. The noise levels would greatly vary depending on the location and activities in the area. A shoemaker 's shop near the market would have different noise levels compared to a school located in a residential area.
According to Miller (2003), the Classroom environment encompasses a broad range of educational concepts, including the physical setting, the psychological environment created through social contexts, and numerous instructional components. These concepts may affect the teaching and learning of the subject being taught.

Although many teachers consider the classroom layout relatively unimportant

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