The Importance Of Teaching As A Teacher

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Teaching is a very personal activity, and it is not surprising that any individual teacher brings to his lessons very different feelings, beliefs and assumptions about what makes this discipline effective. Teaching is part of a life-long and non-stop learning process. Reflecting upon the way I conduct my classes provides me with many dimensions of learning and with many dimensions of professional growth too. It helps me to improve what I do inside the classroom on a daily basis with my students and it helps me to overcome my weaknesses in my field of work as well. First, in order to improve the way I, as an educator, teach my students, reflection on my teaching procedures on a regular basis is a must and second, after reflecting on the way I conduct my lessons, I must take decisions on my current methodologies and make changes that will help me to improve the quality of the way I instruct my learners.
On the one hand, teaching requires that I, as a teacher, constantly reflect on the way I prepare and present my lessons. This means that by doing all this process of reflection, I become aware of the high level of professionalism I need to give to my job. As Pennington (1991) states, professionalism is a recurring concern of language teachers and language teaching organizations. From this perspective, the more I, the teacher, reflect on my job, the more I will improve at it. It is a request to all teachers to think of their teaching practices, before, while and after the
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