The Importance Of Teaching Assistants

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Teaching assistants must be aware of all statutory frameworks that affect their own delivery of the curriculum, health and safety, child protection and any others aspects of school life whether it be social or academic. A. Equality of opportunity.Classroom assistants have an important role in ensuring pupils’ equal access to opportunities to learn and develop. Some pupils need additional or different support in order to have equality of opportunity, and classroom assistants are often employed to provide this for individuals or small groups of pupils. Sometimes, working under the direction of the teacher, classroom assistants will work with the whole class in order to free up the teacher to work with individual pupils who need special attention.…show more content…
Anti-discrimination. Classroom assistants must not discriminate against any individual or group on the grounds of gender, racial origins, religion, cultural or social background, disability or sexual orientation. They must comply with legislation and school policies relating to discrimination and should practice and promote anti-discriminatory practices in all interactions with pupils and colleagues. Second framework is inclusion, this is similar to providing equal opportunity however is focuses more on including each individual pupil into the learning activity at present. Inclusion is key, by providing extra support all pupils have been advantage for learning, helping to build confidence, self-esteem and independence. This will allow them to succeed their full potential along with their classmates. Anti- discrimination; this is the idea that every teaching assistant is fair to each pupil reaguarding gender, race, religion, cultural or social background, disability or sexual orientations. They must comply with school policies and promote anti- discriminatory practices with all pupils in order to create a friendly and happy work environment. C. Celebrating diversity. Classroom assistants should demonstrate their valuing of pupils’ racial…show more content…
- Promoting independence. In providing support for individual or groups of pupils, classroom assistants will encourage independence by helping them to develop self-esteem, self-reliance and learning skills as well as increase their subject-related knowledge, understanding and skills. Pupils should be given opportunities to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own actions. D. Confidentiality. Classroom assistants must adhere to the school policy for the confidentiality of information at all times. This requirement covers information about pupils and colleagues and extends to communications with others in social as well as work-related situations. The fourth framework is confidentiality. Teaching assistants must follow the school policies and procedures when they are approached by a pupil or member of staff with a confidential matter. This requirement covers information about colleagues and extends to communications with others in a social sense as well as work- related situations. Pupils will look up to teaching assistants and they will see them as someone they can trust, therefore it is important you handle any problems they address you with appropriately and ensure you inform them of what you are going to do
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