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Grammar is a system and structure of language. To me grammar is more than just knowing the rules and standards; it is being able to apply them in writing. Growing up I was taught all of the grammar rules through many grammar worksheets. However, my Pedagogical Grammar class gave me a new outlook on how to teach grammar. I will use strategies learned from my peers, research, experience, and my grammar class to explain how I will teach my students grammar. When I heard that I needed to take Pedagogical Grammar I just knew that I was probably going to have to do a lot of writing. When I got into the class I realized that this class was going to teach me how to teach my students grammar. I was very excited and interested to get started. For our first paper we had to write about how literacy played a role in our lives. I had never thought about what grammar meant to me until this class. We had many class discussions that brought on a few arguments, however I was so interested to hear everyone’s ideas on grammar. My Pedagogical Grammar class helped me to see my views on grammar and how I wanted to teach my students. While the traditional method of teaching grammar is important,…show more content…
I have learned so much through research, my peers, my class, and through my own personal experience how grammar can be best taught in the classroom. Every student needs to be given a positive learning experience on grammar. Grammar will carry into every aspect of their lives. It is important to me as a teacher to build my students foundation to have a good knowledge of grammar. I hope that I can be the teacher that my students look back on and remember how fun it was to learn in my classroom. I am grateful for the new vision of grammar that my Pedagogical grammar class has given me. I plan to take that vision and apply it to my future

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