The Importance Of Teaching In Teaching

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“ In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn. “ – Phil Colins According to Phil Colins in every teaching we acquire knowledge and in every learning we transfer our knowledge and ideas to one another through teaching. Therefore, the students learn by either doing or experience through the use of project-based learning (PBL) and the pre-service teacher also develop their knowledge in teaching skill from their students. The researcher wants to study the PBL if it is necessarily effective in the learning outcomes of the student in 21st century. Because PBL covers the innovative approach to learning that teaches a multitude of strategies critical for success I the 21st century it is include the following inquiry, collaboratively to research, create their, projects, viable technology skills, to becoming proficient communicators, advanced problem solvers and student’s benefit from his approach to instruction for the teaching outcomes as well as to explore and develop the teaching skills of the teacher (pre-service). In an instance common situation in school or a traditional way of teaching of the teachers is where the teacher taught the different lesson while the students listen at the same time sitting to their chairs and wait until their teacher finish the discussion of the lesson without any interaction to the students then the teacher ask the students for their recitation, quiz and assignments in other words it is the so called “spoon feeding” method of the

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