The Importance Of Teaching In The 21st Century

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Looking at contemporary teaching as compared to the past, the 21st century has brought many changes in the systems which have equipped learners with many skills that are relevant to their everyday context. For successful teaching to be achieved, teachers need to be equipped with various teaching and learning strategies to get learners involved in the classroom. Furthermore, teachers are to find ways to make all these interesting for learners of all levels with consideration of their backgrounds. This essay will discuss how teachers can make teaching and learning relevant to the everyday context. It will further elaborate on the 21st century skills that can be acquired by learners, followed by the importance of differentiating between prior knowledge and…show more content…
Learning critical thinking results in learners developing other skills, such as a higher level of concentration, deeper analytical abilities, and improved thought processes (NEA, n.d). Educators need to find ways to make lesson plans and assessments that will spark burning questions in learners and push them to research further. The further the research is going; there will be more interest in the work. Researching online using computers, will also enhance computer skills and advance learners’ skills in using technology devices. Educators should also aim at instilling communication skills in learners. Great communication is when one can articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively by using oral, written, and nonverbal communication skills in different forms and contexts. It also includes listening effectively to decipher meaning, knowledge, values, attitudes and intentions (NEA, n.d) in this way learners are able to communicate their findings in the research they undertake and are able to read for understanding, but most importantly knowing the right form and context as to when the research can be

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