The Importance Of Teaching Language In The Classroom

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Language serves as a primary communication tool that allows people to participate in a variety of socio-cultural activities. In this sense, language is the main means of creating and maintaining socio-cultural relationships among human beings. Thus, language should be viewed from the perspective of its social importance. To view language in isolation from its social context would mean to ignore its essence and deprive language of its complex nature. It can be argued that understanding the real meaning of language is impossible without understanding social and cultural practices in the world. In order to teach language and literacy in the classroom effectively, it is essential for educators to approach language in terms of its socio-cultural context. Teachers who view language as a complex system, where various social and cultural aspects of life are directly related to language learning, can successfully implement effective practices of teaching language and literacy in the classroom. Influences and connections between language and…show more content…
Therefore, to be successful in helping learners develop their literacy and language skills, it is necessary for teachers to expand their own knowledge on how effective writing is constructed. (Loane & Muir, 2017, p. 261). It is widely understood that teachers with deeper understanding of language will be able to recognize and attend to students’ language learning needs more effectively. (Fellowes & Oakley, p.16). , Therefore, developing a broader, more comprehensive understanding of language and literacy is crucial for educators. A great way for teachers to improve and reflect on their own writing skills is engaging in daily writing activities (for example, developing a habit of writing a

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