The Importance Of Teaching On Academic Performance

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Education is certainly a key factor for people to succeed in life and teachers have a huge part in everyone’s lives when it comes to reaching the achievements they want to gain today and in the near/distant future. Teachers are considered as our heroes for continuing to teach and give further knowledge and information to students despite how noisy or undisciplined they may be. On the other hand, not all teachers are the same. Some have different personalities that other students may or may not like. They also have different ways on how they teach students. However, can a teacher’s approach, methods, and strategies effect on the academic performance of a student?
Hosal‐Akman (2010), stated that there is significant relationship between the teacher’s approach and on the academic performance of a student. An experiment was conducted at a university in Turkey. A group of students were divided into two. The first group was with a teacher that was only to proctor the students to solve problems or cases while the other group was with a teacher who lectured on solving problems and cases. On the first group, students had hard time answering and figuring out how to solve problems and cases because they were not guided by the teacher. As a result, they had more incorrect answers than correct answers. On the other hand, the second group had more correct answers than incorrect answers because their teacher gave an introduction and a background about solving problems and cases. In

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