The Importance Of Teaching Practice In Education

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Teaching practice is a key component of the undergraduate teacher training programme. It is during this period that the student teacher gets to translate the skills and theory learnt into reality through actual classroom teaching. Teaching practice is the vital component of teacher education and training because it provides student teachers with an opportunity to learn from experience in the work place. Atputhasamy,2005 asserts that student teachers believe that the practical experience of observing expert teachers, receiving feedback, and practising strategies are the most important factors in their growth as teachers, but there is a widespread outcry about the quality of most of the teachers who have undergone this practice. Training teachers is a partnership between teachers training colleges, the secondary schools and stakeholders in the education system. The Educational institutes send out teacher trainees to schools every year on school practice but School of Education does not clearly state how the secondary schools are expected to contribute to the training of these teacher trainees. School practice is a semester vise routine prescribed by teacher training colleges which the researchers have reflected on to assess its effectiveness in preparing teacher-trainees.
The main purpose for school practice is to provide opportunities to teacher trainees to put in practice pedagogical theories and skills while in schools. It is assumed that this knowledge and skills is
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