The Importance Of Teaching Science

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The principle that I am using to teach science is ‘children’s understanding of science concepts develops in sequential manner’. In the sequential manner of teaching, pupils will learn and take in information in a step by step way. In this principle teachers have to teach in a gradual manner so that pupils can grasp and understand the concept that is being taught. When teaching a topic we (teachers) should start from the very first step or point in the topic being taught. Then as learners grasp concept we move to the next step, then the next step until the entire concept of the topic being taught by the teacher is grasped and understood by the learners. By using the sequential manner in teaching pupils learners grasp more of what is being taught in a topic or subject area. For example if we are teaching the topic “vertebrates” , the first step is to let pupils know that vertebrates are animals, the second step is to tell them that vertebrates are animals that have back bones, the third step is to let learners know that there are different classes of vertebrates, the fourth step is to name the five classes of vertebrates, the fifth step is to look at each class of vertebrates separately by giving some examples of each class and identifying them from pictures then list their characteristics, then the sixth step is to identify the different classes from a set of animals displayed so as check if the concept and understanding of vertebrates have been grasped. In teaching science
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