Excellence In Education

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In recent years, the current concern over teaching and learning in all levels in education is toward a commitment to improve quality teaching and students’ learning. The emphasis toward excellence in education is merely to improve teaching and learning in the classroom by the school reform and the managerial strategies in educational management (Chong Lee, 2009). In a time of educational paradigm shifts, there have been many changes in the school system which includes teaching methods, curriculum formats, learning styles, and the academic related policies.
Knowledge is an indispensable part of everyone 's life. In each stage of our growing up years, it is very essential. Knowledge as a whole is what differentiates one person from another. It
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It is very necessary on the part of the teacher to perform effectively in order to bring out the desired outcomes of the learners and this requires effective and appropriate use of teaching skills in classroom. Teachers are asked not only to present information, but to help students grow in creativity, curiosity, social adjustment, problem solving, and responsibility; teachers are also asked to help students develop a good attitude toward classmates and their school. The accomplishment of these goals has a greater chance if teachers use effective teaching competencies.
In the fast changing world of the early 21st century, secondary education is also changing; the role of teachers will also change. New social challenges and demands towards education and teachers, change schools into institutions with modern aims and social contracts. The qualities of ‘ideal’ teachers are to fulfill their professional aims and needs for the future of nation. Competence and professional skills are the very heart of the teacher’s
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Teaching competencies is defined as “the set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, beliefs and experience necessary for future, which manifests in the teachers’ activities (Katane et al, 2006). Teachers need to improve knowledge and skills to enhance and explore their teaching practices. In fact, teachers’ professional development should be redefined for sustainability. Similarly, teachers are responsible for operating educational system and they need strong and efficient professional competence. (Carlgren, 1999).
While in most cases, the public school education had faced pressures to effect good teaching and learning, there appears to be associated with the growing sense of low quality teaching and ineffectiveness of the whole school system. At these varying degrees, teacher educators should provide opportunities to assist teachers on their professional learning through mentoring and training so as to improve their teaching
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