The Importance Of Teaching Techniques

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Education is the backbone of any kind of development. It is a well-known fact that the growth of a nation directly depends on the contribution of its intellectuals to the society. That is why teaching profession has been considered as the most pious profession since the ages and also the teaching-learning process ought to be at the highest position and importance.Hence an analysis of this process is mandatory for the smooth running of the education system. It further aims to assist the policy makers and the actual teachers in planning and choosing the most suitable TESL techniques for the purpose. The language teaching-learning process particularly is taken in consideration for in a multilingual, multicultural, multiethnic society like an…show more content…
Defining the term technique, Richards and Rodgers quote Edward Anthony: ... a technique is implementation that which actually takes place in a classroom. It is a particular trick, stratagem or contrivance used to accomplish an immediate objective: Techniques must be consistent with a method, and therefore in harmony with an approach as well. (15) The term technique can be looked at in different ways namely classroom techniques and teaching techniques. By classroom techniques are meant classroom management techniques. Teaching techniques includes question answer technique, model reading, silent reading, drill technique for pronunciation, answers of grammar rules and testing techniques also. Teaching techniques are used to make the teaching point clear, comprehensive and focused. Research and studies have been taken in hands by the intellectuals to find out the most suitable techniques of teaching in general TESL in particular. Some of thesetechniques are:- 1. Use of Question-Answer technique 2. Use of Model…show more content…
Learning through illustration keeps a long lasting effect on learners and they also develop / improve the skills needed to use media. 5) Explanation Technique: - This is one of the most traditional as well as popular techniques of teaching. It involves the teacher’s capacity to use explanation in such a way that can enable learners to take intelligent interest in the topic. The main purpose behind the use of this technique is to develop the insight and understanding level of the learners so that they may grasp the overall purpose of what is being taught to them. In this way explanation is an attempt to recognize / diagnoses the cause of something. 6) Stimulus Variation: - As the title says, this technique tries to stimulate learner’s curiosity by various teaching activities verbal and non-verbal clues or the use of gestures in order to focus learners attention. In this technique a very skillful use ofpitch, pause, intonation, gestures and other audio-visual teaching aids are made. It aims to stimulate learner’s active participation and enthusiasm. In this way a teacher improves learning by keeping his learners’ attention

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