The Importance Of Team Based Nursing

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Team based nursing and medical care is currently a popular form of providing healthcare in primary care and inpatient environments. The ability of a patient to make appointments to one of several health care providers who are all familiar with the patient’s health care status greatly enhances the ease of getting an appointment while providing a collaborative and supporting environment for the health care providers. The definition of work team is “generates positive synergy through coordinated effort” (Robbins & Judge, 2009), is truly evident when team based nursing is optimally utilized. The ability to have multiple fellow staff members who are familiar with the same patients or task allows a decrease in stress and emotional exhaustion when utilizing collaborative efforts to work in harmony (Welp, Meier, & Manser, 2016). I firmly believe there is strength in unity and together we are greater…show more content…
Most often, this appears in the form of the charge nurse position, leading the clinical team. The situational leadership theory by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard compare the leader-follower dynamic to that of a parent-child relationship, the parent grants increasing independence and control to the growing youth (Robbins & Judge, 2009). As a nurse manager, I encourage this behavior by grooming my subordinates for leadership positions. This goes hand in hand with the Navy belief and tradition that you should always train your subordinates to be capable of replacing you. The downfall of situational leadership theory and this practice is that not everyone is capable or even desires a leadership role (Fischer, 2012). By thrusting, these individuals into a role they have no interest in partaking or possessing the necessary desire to succeed increasingly risks outcomes that can be highly detrimental to the quality of care and safety of

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