The Importance Of Team Coaching In The Workplace

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Introduction Team coaching is more important and in demand than ever for today’s businesses. From coaching established teams through a rough patch to starting from scratch, teams coaching has become vital for successful teamwork. Team coaching is a resourceful way for more efficient use of people’s time and efforts in the workplace. A team coach must have some different qualifications from an individual coach, in that a team is not just a “big person” (O’Connor 2015). It takes more than the same basic methodology of individual coaching, as a team is a complex system with purpose. Why is team coaching becoming more important for today’s business? Joseph O’Connor (2015) commented that “Team coaching is helping the team improve their performance…show more content…
1 O'Connor, J. (2015, June 15). Coaching Teams: The Way Forward for Business with Joseph O'Connor. Retrieved March 25, 2018, from How would you fit team coaching within your organization? I would make team coaching a part of any team as a matter of course. Initially starting with an assessment such as a team climate inventory, as described by Jones and Gorell (2015), which consists of a questionnaire for a team to fill out for the manager. It should give an honest, anonymous view from the team’s perspective, of the team’s performance, to support future planning (p. 167-168). Upon review of the climate survey, the organization would then decide how the team is functioning and how to improve its role. Using team coaching through all aspects of organization can help keep teams on track and operating in a viable way. O’Connor (2015) explained that team coaches can reduce conflict, encourage a culture of collaboration, and help disseminate knowledge throughout the organization. Team coaches decrease the silo mentality, which can be dangerous for organizations as it means there is no interdepartmental cooperation. Organizations need more creative teams with better results that can figure out how to solve problems. Employees are told to be good team members, yet don’t know what that means. Team coaches facilitate good team work by encouraging the team to work in a synergistic system, towards a common goal. Removing obstructions, reiterating…show more content…
A team coach is skilled and committed to finding a balance when there is conflict and creating the highest performing team possible, as well as dealing with any interpersonal issues. This will facilitate projects and convert an organization to a higher functioning, goal-oriented company. How would you improve performance and process, through reflection, action, and dialogue? Performance and process are terms that go hand in hand. Performance improvement generally means that the quantifiable results will improve. Through performance improvement comes process improvement as a result. These can both be measurably enhanced through reflection, action and dialogue. Reflection Careful deliberation of the team, the team’s interactions, what the needs of the team are, and how to achieve the goals, are all part of reflection. A team coach is meant to steer the team in the right direction and facilitate the team’s effectiveness and efficiency (O’Connor 2015). The coach takes in all the information about the team itself and helps to orient it to its

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