The Importance Of Team Management

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Team management is the ability of an individual or an organization to administer and coordinate a group of individuals to perform a specific task. Team management involves teamwork, objective setting, and communication and performance appraisal. Team management is the ability to solve conflicts in team. Manager uses various methods to build effective team in organization.

Elements of Healthy and Successful Team

• Cohesive Leadership

Cohesive among team leaders and decision is vital in every organization. Cohesive leadership means team leaders are acting together as a team in organization where multiple decisions are taken in a situation. It requires team leaders to have strong communication.

• Effective communication

Effective communication
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Poorly defined roles in teams result in effective results. The team leader should evaluate the roles and responsibility of each team members so that it avoids conflict in them. The manager can easily identify strength and weakness each individual in team.

Implementation of Teamwork in DELL

(Reference from Article: The characteristics of great teams and the leadership approaches to building performing teams)

Team means group of people who work together to achieve some organizational goal. When these members interact with each other and together they complete it is called teamwork. In companies and organization team work is very important and all employees need to understand how to work in team because organization expect from their employers to work in team effectively and efficiently.

Information Technology Sector

IT sector is rapidly growing sector in India and is growing rapidly over the world. The two fast growing IT companies in the world are Dell and Wipro.

• Team working in Dell

The success of Dell lies is team work and provides opportunity for team members to learn, develop and grow. Teams are committed in developing, retaining and attracted best people over the
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As time goes he took over, one product had already been canceled and the development of other products was taking longer than expected by company. After assessment of the situation, it was felt that one product was under development - the Latitude XP - would be competitive in the market. The company then decided to cancel many products that were in the development stage. This demotivated many engineers who had spent a lot of time and energy developing the products that had been canceled. In order to motivate them, Dell decided to reinforced the company 's strategy to the notebook group and encouraged them to pull together to make the Latitude XP a
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