The Importance Of Teamwork In Basketball

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If there is no “I” in the word team, then what makes up a team? A group of individuals becomes a team when they all aim to a similar outcome, but without each other a desired outcome will not occur. In basketball, a game without a team will not be won. Successful players all contain certain traits that help them to achieve more than someone who lacks them. Without communication, cooperation, and a purpose, failure will happen before even stepping on the court. Communication occurs in everyday life. We talk to our friends, family, and peers, but it becomes essential for a team. Communication is the building block to improvement. Jon Gordon stated in the book, The Hard Hat, “ Communication builds trust, trust generates commitment. Commitment fosters teamwork, and teamwork delivers results. Without communication, you can’t build the trust and relationships necessary for great teamwork.” From developing communication stems good habits. A habit we are trying to push in our gym is constantly talking. Whether we cheer on our teammates or pass information like new defenses or offenses, we should never be quiet. Consequently, failure to communicate could result negatively. For example, we might have to run more in practices, in games the opponent may score, or a teammate could get hurt. Having the skill of communication, is the first step in teamwork. Being a group of individual players, a sense of unity has to be formed. A team needs to work together to achieve a common goal. A quote from…show more content…
Without them, the team can never expect to become better, win more games, or play to a higher potential. Communication is the building block for teamwork. Teamwork creates a bond and unity in a team. A team needs a purpose to play. When these traits form together, an unbreakable bond forms. A tight knit group of girls is an unstoppable thing, and when they play together success
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