The Importance Of Teamwork

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Teamwork means that a group of people work with us to achieve a common goal, so selecting the team members is very important to help the team in achieving the goal of the team. Through my participation in this team learned a lot of teamwork and contributed to all my ideas that benefit the subject. It also contributed to explaining some of the ideas found in activities that were not clear in some students. The ideas also contributed to working as a team and benefiting the students in the team and then in daily life and work. I followed the team to know if they are doing the activities well. My teammates tell me to know my job and do it. Praise be to God I have not encountered many problems in the team just some of them and we do not say a problem but her opinion, which has not been proven in the opinion of one is not constantly opinion, and also see the opinion of her colleague and say the same as may be the point of view but not confidence in myself I say I see a mistake and see it right. I addressed this problem by talking to them and explaining to them what the team was and not afraid to say opinion on the subject, and also a problem interface at the time in the order of the table, and also faced the problem of dealing with stubborn personalities. I dealt with these problems by recording my observations on members The team and frankly say that in order for our team to be successful and achieve the goal of the team should not be many problems and identify the problem of

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